Project Management

CUPIDE is managed by The University of the West Indies as the executing entity. The Project Director is Professor Stewart Marshall, who is the Director of the UWI Distance Education Centre. Other members of UWIDEC staff who comprise the project management team are Ms. Christine Marrett, Project Operations Manager, Mr. Tommy Chen, Telecommunications Manager, and Mr. Anil Chatergoon, Financial Manager.

The Project Advisory Committee

Given the multi-institution nature of the project, a Project Advisory Committee, chaired by CARICOM was established. It comprises one nominated representative from each university, the Project Director, the Project Manager, and others as determined necessary, with UNESCO as ex officio member. The members serve for the duration of the project, which scheduled for completion in December 2006.

Role of the Committee

  • The committee provides the forum for the monitoring of the project in terms of meeting the immediate objectives and the overall development objective.
  • It considers and determines the direction regarding the development and delivery of courses/programmes developed under the project, ensuring the smooth integration of the courses/programmes in accordance with each university’s policies/practices/procedures.
  • The committee is also responsible for recommending to the respective university’s Committees, Faculties or Boards, the academic practices and procedures that may become necessary throughout the life of the project.
  • The advisory committee approves the composition of selection committees for the determination of the award of contracts.
    Its members will promote the project in the respective institutions and countries and seek to ensure sustainability.

Specific Responsibilities

The committee will:

  • Meet face to face at least once each calendar year and electronically as often as necessary to monitor implementation of the Project and determine policies, and propose modifications to the project as determined necessary.
  • Review and recommend programme proposals for submission to respective university Committees, Faculties or Boards.
  • Review reports prepared by the Project Manager prior to submission to UNESCO.